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Europe at the crossroads


Many analysts argue that the primary danger to Europe is not migration, energy costs, or the collapse of churches and family structures, but rather the Russian Federation. Perhaps this is the case, but external threats invariably exploit the internal weaknesses of any political structure: nation, city-state, or empire.

To effectively defend the European Union, it is necessary first to identify and address its principal vulnerabilities.

Today, the European Union tends to resemble the Tower of Babel: a hyper-centralized administrative state where the tribe of atheistic, arrogant, and “omniscient” bureaucrats from the center of the Empire reigns over an ethnically heterogeneous, culturally incongruous, linguistically population.

The Leviathan of Brussels has set in motion social control mechanisms against the nation-state’s sovereignty. Through a veritable anti-constitutional coup (supported by the majority of Romanian MEPs), the veto rights of member countries have been annulled, rendering them “provinces” of the new “politically correct” sultanate.

In the coming years, we will witness the political and economic hegemony of Germany over the entire eastern and southern space of the old continent. Through expensive loans taken from the world’s loan sharks, Romania, like Greece, is in a scenario of bankruptcy caused by special pensions.

Instead of encouraging entrepreneurs, traditional families, or religious freedom, the European Commission introduces new inhibitions, restrictions, and conditionalities daily.

Soon, pastors and priests in traditional churches will no longer be able to call sin a sin, and teachers will be accused of intolerance and discrimination when giving a failing grade to any impudent rascal.

The EU space is in an evident civilizational decline. Europe today needs a Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher — individuals capable of reforming overweight states and returning to the Christian values of the Founding Fathers.

The ecological utopia of decarbonization will lead to the impoverishment and subsequent destruction of the European middle class. Today, the EU imposes strange policies under the ideological guise of the Green Deal, encouraging the consumption of bizarre types of food.

Illegal migration will radically change European peoples’ demographic structure and cultural footprint. Today, with the exception of Hungary, nation-states have lost control over a complex social phenomenon. The old continent no longer defends its borders.

One million immigrants have entered Italy in the last decade alone, and in 2023 alone, the number of people of non-European origin entering EU territory exceeds a quarter of a million. Borders have become extremely porous and pose a risk to national security. Tribalism undermines cosmopolitanism. Democracy begins with the agenda of the local community, not with the centrally-planned technocratic planning of population relocations that impose huge financial, social, and cultural costs.

Illegal migration stimulates the black market, tax evasion, and discrimination against skilled workers. Immigrants can work for much lower wages, affecting the quality of life of Romanians, generally, but also European citizens, in general.

Tolerating or encouraging illegal migration undermines the principles of the rule of law and national sovereignty. Romania’s fundamental law emphasizes the territorial integrity of our homeland.

Using a common language is an essential factor of cohesion as opposed to any form of tribal sectarianism. Illegal migration can lead to social segregation and tensions between communities, as some immigrants embrace values and behaviors alien to European culture, inevitably becoming marginalized. Japan is a civilized country that continues to bet on the cultural homogeneity of Japanese society.

The more delusional the utopias promoted by technocrats detached from the people, the more serious the demographic collapse of epic proportions becomes.

Instead of promoting a culture of life, the social engineers of the EU escalate abortion-promoting policies, attempting to convert a tragic exception into a rule of freedom without responsibility. They promote sexual promiscuity, euthanasia for the elderly, and the sexualization of minors, as well as the ideologization of gender dysphoria into a celebration of utopias against nature and common sense.

Through extremist feminism, they promote a struggle between sexes instead of their harmonious cooperation, and through the cult of sexual minorities, they promote the destruction of the traditional family. Thus, Europe appears as a sumptuous Titanic sinking into the demographic winter.

This was all to the applause of those who profess a totemic cult of progress reduced to the narrow circle of anti-Christian globalist elites

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„Pentru ca răul să triumfe, e suficient ca oamenii buni să nu facă nimic.” (Edmund Burke)

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- Mihail Neamțu

Creștinii din Etiopia sunt masacrați, dar nimănui nu-i pasă

Mihail Neamtu

Prietenii mă văd ca pe un scriitor, educator și om politic. Dușmanii ar prefera să nu mă vadă deloc. În fiecare zi, merită să luptăm pentru o Românie deșteaptă, adică trează spiritual, sănătoasă trupește, prosperă economic, puternică militar și întinerită demografic. În marele concert al națiunilor europeană, vocea noastră are un timbru aparte.

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