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Giants of the past, dwarfs of the present


Even if you are small, miserable, or insignificant, when you invite God into your life, access to infinity, greatness, and majesty is granted. No matter how mortal I feel, why would I relinquish eternity? We fall and rise again.

We forget and become arrogant. We negligently doze off. We premeditate, slip, and once more plummet, owing to pride our momentary lapse to reason.

This is why Christians are a unique tribe: they look for the purity of the heart, they search for transcendence, they battle carnal temptations, they read ancient stories about the heroes of the biblical faith, they contemplate the glory of God in the magnificence of nature, they pray and fast, and feed the poor and reprimand the rich. For them, sin is the opposite of freedom. In a world of debauchery and excess, they call for moderation.

At a time when drugs, alcohol, and the cheap dopamine of pornography devastate millions of lives, Christians speak about lofty values: faith, hope, and love.

The contemporary West stands as a post-Christian civilization, marked by a pervasive inclination toward amalgamation, syncretism, and cacophony within its cultural fabric. The current era ostentatiously champions a hybrid ideology, ostensibly endorsing the rhetoric of “diversity” while concurrently enforcing ideological conformity.

The phenomenon of wokeness extends its challenge beyond mere inequalities in nature, instead interrogating the very concept of nature itself.

This scrutiny is particularly pronounced in the context of “conversion” therapies within transgender communities, where the denial of psychological, morphological, and physiological distinctions between sexes is palpable.

The emergence of the “new man,” reminiscent of Communist aspirations, is not a consequence of autonomous will or divine grace but is seemingly attainable through the acceptance of plastic surgery and hormonal injections, allowing individuals to assert a novel “identity.”

Mass media disproportionately directs its focus towards self-proclaimed “marginalized” communities, deviant sexualities, and the purported victims of an “oppressive class.”

The omnipresent power dynamics inherent in Marxist rhetoric conveniently divert cultural commentators from engaging in crucial discussions, such as the encroachment of ugliness into our daily lives.

In contrast to the Middle Ages, during which majestic cathedrals were erected, the post-modern generation indulges in adorning the walls of these architectural masterpieces with graffiti, a manifestation of its contemporary “street art.”

Established dogmas face scrutiny as the notion of “objective truth” is viewed as dangerous, absolutist, and potentially extremist.

We, the denizens of this era, consume diluted or blended beverages, oblivious to the pristine purity of spring water.

Our desire for relevance among the contemporaneous dwarfs is juxtaposed with our incapacity to engage in meaningful discourse with the giants of the past.

Eros, Logos & Agape

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„Pentru ca răul să triumfe, e suficient ca oamenii buni să nu facă nimic.” (Edmund Burke)

Noi suntem Mișcarea Națională de Rezistență împotriva tuturor rătăcirilor ideologice ale ultimilor decenii. Iată de ce vă solicităm sprijinul generos pentru anul 2024.

Donațiile dumneavoastră vor acoperi cheltuielile de transport și cazare a echipei mele, dar și închirierea unor sali, costurile de filmare, montaj, post-producție (burtiere, efecte grafice, muzică, subtitrări, animație, etc). Vă mulțumesc!

- Mihail Neamțu

Inițiativa cetățenească de revizuire a Constituției, publicată în Monitorul Oficial. Care sunt articolele modificate din Legea Supremă

Mihail Neamtu

Prietenii mă văd ca pe un scriitor, educator și om politic. Dușmanii ar prefera să nu mă vadă deloc. În fiecare zi, merită să luptăm pentru o Românie deșteaptă, adică trează spiritual, sănătoasă trupește, prosperă economic, puternică militar și întinerită demografic. În marele concert al națiunilor europeană, vocea noastră are un timbru aparte.

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