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Hugo Tristram Engelhardt Jr: a personal testimonial about Dr Mihail Neamțu


Dear Sir,

Compared with other young scholars with whom I have come in contact worldwide during the last three decades, I rank him among the top five persons. I am very impressed with the intellectual abilities and promise of Dr. Neamţu. 

To the best of my recollection, I have been in contact with Dr. Neamţu for over seven years, beginning with an academic correspondence that arose based on several of my publications, some of which he translated into Romanian. I also came to read his essays published in English. Finally, I have perused and am very impressed by his dissertation, “The Nicene Christ and Desert Eschatology.” I consider this work to constitute a creative and significant contribution to the current debates in patristics and systematic theology and to demonstrate the abilities of a first-class mind.

My email exchanges and face-to-face discussions at conferences in the United States, Western Europe, and Romania with Dr. Neamţu have been extensive. They have focused on core issues in epistemology, the history of ideas, and comparative theology. Even before I ever came to meet Dr. Neamţu in person, I had formed a well-grounded and very positive impression of his analytic abilities and his capacity to approach issues creatively. His Eastern European background helps him understand the social problems of great concern today for the Europeans. He also has a good grasp of the emerging debates in political philosophy and comparative theology.

During a series of lectures in Romania and events associated with conferring an honorary doctorate in Iaşi (November 2005), Dr. Neamţu served as my translator. In this context and in others, I have had the opportunity to gauge his intellectual powers and his ability to express himself orally in native Romanian, English, and French.

These included circumstances under vigorous exchanges regarding philosophical and theological issues. He showed a remarkable command of the literature at stake and a clear understanding of the ideas under discussion.

His intellectual capacities are combined with an ability to exchange ideas cordially and usefully with others. In all contexts in which I have observed Dr. Neamţu, he has shown himself to be an engaged, hardworking, and reliable young scholar with the creativity, discipline, and energy that will make him a splendid teacher and a scholar of the first rank. He possesses a remarkable range of personal talents.

In conclusion, I wish to underscore Dr. Neamţu’s rare combination of sharp wit, considerable erudition, and engaging collegiality. He is truly gifted in his capacity analytically and comparatively to appreciate issues in diverse fields such as church history and political science. He combines these strengths with a maturely developed attention to the ideas and concerns of others. I recommend him wholeheartedly and without qualification. 

Professor Hugo Tristram Engelhardt Jr., Rice University, November 18th, 2008

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„Pentru ca răul să triumfe, e suficient ca oamenii buni să nu facă nimic.” (Edmund Burke)

Noi suntem Mișcarea Națională de Rezistență împotriva tuturor rătăcirilor ideologice ale ultimilor decenii. Iată de ce vă solicităm sprijinul generos pentru anul 2024.

Donațiile dumneavoastră vor acoperi cheltuielile de transport și cazare a echipei mele, dar și închirierea unor sali, costurile de filmare, montaj, post-producție (burtiere, efecte grafice, muzică, subtitrări, animație, etc). Vă mulțumesc!

- Mihail Neamțu

Un țăran imperial (Andrei Pleșu despre Petre Țuțea)


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